What are the ingredients in Gigantic? + -
Gigantic is packed with all-natural, plant-based goodness! Click our Ingredients & Nutrition link on each product page for full details.
What does "sortasweet" taste like? + -
It’s the perfect degree of sweetness for a grown-up palate....enough to treat your tastebuds to something special, but without that cloying, molar-buzzing sugar rush. Think of it as an “off-dry” cider, or a joke on The Good Place; delightful but never sappy.
Exactly how big is a Gigantic bar? + -
Our perfectly portioned candy bars are a little over an inch wide, and about the length of a Pokemon card. One bite will convince you that enormously delicious, humongously irresistible things do come in small packages.
Are Gigantic bars vegan? + -
Indeedy yessir-reedy! Gigantic is made with entirely plant-based, ingredients!
Why does your label say "may contain milk?" + -
“May contain milk” or “may contain” any food allergen is labelling language to inform severely allergic consumers that a trace amount of allergen could be present in the product. We say "may contain milk" because our vegan products (100% vegan ingredients) are manufactured in a facility where milk ingredients (for other products, not ours) are also present. This language is not uncommon on vegan products. Search up “may contain milk vegan” to learn more.
Are these allergy friendly? + -
All Gigantic flavors include tree nuts and/or peanuts. Our recipes are gluten free and dairy free. However, our products are made on shared equipment in a facility that also processes dairy ingredients like milk chocolate.
Is your chocolate Fairtrade? + -
Absolutely! Our dark chocolate is organic and Fairtrade and certified. Gigantic also appears on the Food Empowerment Project's recommended list for chocolate which you can find here: https://foodispower.org/chocolate-list/
How long do they last? + -
Each bar has a best-by date printed on the back flap of the wrapper. Store them in a cool place (mid 60s is ideal) and you should be good to go!
How do I change or cancel my order? + -
Orders are processed within nano-seconds by the Gigantic supercomputer, so it's best to drop us little humans a line at hello@giganticcandy.com. We'll see if we can hack into the system and help!
What is your shipping policy? + -
Generally, orders placed by Wednesday will ship that week, and orders placed Thursday or Friday will ship the following Monday. In warm-weather season we may hold orders longer than usual to avoid shipping over the weekend or to dodge extremely hot weather conditions. If you haven't received an order confirmation or your tracking info looks wacky, and you're wondering where your dang candy bars are, just drop us a line at hello@giganticcandy.com and we'll put our best detectives on the case!
Do you offer free shipping? + -
We offer free shipping on orders over $45 within the USA. Standard shipping on smaller orders is $4.99 in the USA and unlike other chocolate brands, we don't charge extra for warm weather shipping (ice packs, insulated wrap and expedited service)!
Do you ship to Canada? + -
Yes, we are currently shipping to Canada via UPS ground service. Costs for UPS to Canada are calculated on an order-specific basis and will be displayed at checkout. In addition to the upfront shipping costs, cross-border shipments are subject to unpredictable customs and other other import fees. Unfortunately we cannot predict or control these fees. If additional fees apply, Canadian customers will be contacted by UPS prior to delivery for payment.
What is your satisfaction guarantee? + -
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first 8-pack, so you can try Gigantic risk free! If you're unhappy for any reason, please drop us a line at hello@giganticcandy.com to explain the issue, and we'll take care of you!
Will my bars melt on the way? + -
Gigantic is a natural chocolate product and can melt at warm temperatures. Our supercomputer will access the weather satellites and if necessary, send your shipment with an ice pack. If we make a big oops and you receive damaged or melted product, just drop us a line at hello@giganticcandy.com and we'll take care of it!
My bars have a dull or cloudy appearance on the surface. Are they ok? + -
Yes! What you're seeing is a bit of cocoa butter on the surface of our natural dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a matrix of cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar. Temperature changes and other factors can cause some cocoa butter to escape the matrix and appear on our chocolate's surface, a process known as "cocoa bloom." Cocoa bloom is purely aesthetic and does not impact Gigantic's flavor or shelf life. We've chosen not to use artificial preservatives or stabilizers in Gigantic, and therefore the appearance of some cocoa butter on the surface of our natural product is a possibility.
What are your subscription options? + -
We are currently offering 8-pack subscriptions delivered every 2, 4 or 8 weeks. There's no commitment -- skip a delivery or cancel at anytime. You can create an account and set up your recurring subscription here: https://giganticcandy.com/account/register
How can I cancel, pause, or change my subscription? + -
Thanks for being a Gigantic subscriber! You are such a supercool person. You can modify or cancel your subscription anytime via your account login here: https://giganticcandy.com/account/login
Do you offer samples? + -
At this time we aren't shipping single bars, but we created our Variety Pack so you can sample every Gigantic flavor!

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