What are the ingredients in Gigantic? + -
Gigantic is packed with all-natural, plant-based goodness! Click our Ingredients & Nutrition link on each product page for full ingredient and nutritional details.
What does "sortasweet" taste like? + -
It’s the perfectly petite amount of sweetness - enough to give your taste buds a treat, but without that cloying, molar-buzzing sugar rush. Because when sweet takes a back seat, all the fullaflavor, real-deal ingredients come together for a super yum experience unlike anything else.
Exactly how big is a Gigantic bar? + -
Our perfectly portioned candy bars are a little over an inch wide, and about the length of a Pokemon card. One bite will convince you that enormously delicious, humongously irresistible things do come in small packages.
Are Gigantic bars vegan friendly? + -
Indeedy yessir-reedy! Gigantic is made with entirely plant-based, vegan ingredients, including organic cane sugar processed without bone char.
Are these allergy friendly? + -
Gigantic is not appropriate for people with severe food allergies. All Gigantic flavors include tree nuts and/or peanuts. Our recipes are gluten free and dairy free. However, our products are made on shared equipment in facilities that also process milk, wheat, soy, sesame and eggs.
Is your chocolate Fairtrade? + -
Absolutely! Our dark chocolate is organic and Fairtrade certified. Gigantic also appears on the Food Empowerment Project's recommended list for chocolate which you can find here: https://foodispower.org/chocolate-list/
Is your palm oil responsibly sourced? + -
Yes, we only use RSPO certified palm oil. For more information on RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) please see https://rspo.org/
How long do they last? + -
Each bar has a best-by date printed on the wrapper, usually behind the fold on the back. Store them in a cool place (mid 60s is ideal, but definitely below 80F) and you should be good to go!
How do I change or cancel my order? + -
Orders are processed within nano-seconds by the Gigantic supercomputer, so it's best to drop us little humans a line at hello@giganticcandy.com. We'll see if we can hack into the system and help!
What is your summer shipping policy? + -
During warm summer weather, orders will include ice packs and must arrive within 2 days to ensure product quality. You will see a shipping rate for your delivery zone at checkout. Summer orders will ship only Monday-Wednesday to avoid weekend transit, and during periods of extremely hot weather we may need to temporarily delay shipping. Please bring your delivery inside right away to avoid extended exposure to heat and sun. Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas….dang ya'll get hot! You may see higher shipping charges and sometimes mandatory overnight shipping during the warmest summer periods. We'll bring your shipping rates back to normal once your neighborhood cools down :)
Do you offer free shipping? + -
Most of the year, we are able to offer free shipping on orders of 2 or more boxes of Gigantic, within the continental USA. But during the summer, things get a poco loco, and our shipping policies change due to the increased costs of shipping with ice packs and expedited transit times. The banner on our homepage will usually display our current shipping policies. See the FAQ directly above this one for more details on summer shipping.
Do you ship to Canada? + -
We ship to Canada by special request only, due to the high cost and unpredictable cross-border fees to our customers. If you'd like a shipment to Canada feel free to contact us at hello@giganiccandy.com so we can run through the details.
What is your super yum guarantee? + -
Our super yum guarantee means you can try an 8-pack of Gigantic risk free! After receiving your first single 8-pack order, if you don't agree that Gigantic is the yummiest better-for-you candy bar you've ever tried, then send us an email at hello@giganticcandy.com with some detailed feedback, and we will refund your purchase. Now go ahead and order your first box, we've got you!
Will my bars melt on the way? + -
Gigantic is a natural chocolate product and can melt at warm temperatures. Our supercomputer will access the weather satellites and if necessary, send your shipment with ice packs. If we make a big oops and you receive damaged or melted product, just drop us a line at hello@giganticcandy.com and we'll take care of it!
My bars have a dull or cloudy appearance on the surface. Are they ok? + -
Hey! Are you calling us dull? What you're probably seeing is a bit of cocoa butter on the surface of our natural dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a wonderful matrix of cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar. Temperature changes, sometimes experienced in shipping, can cause a tiny amount cocoa butter to escape the matrix and appear on the chocolate's surface, a process known as "cocoa bloom." Cocoa bloom is purely aesthetic and does not impact Gigantic's flavor or shelf life. We've chosen not to use artificial stabilizers in Gigantic, and therefore the appearance of a little cocoa butter on the surface of our chocolate is a possibility. But always feel free to drop us a line if you have any concerns!
What are your subscription options? + -
We are currently offering 8-pack subscriptions delivered every 2, 4 or 8 weeks. There's no commitment -- skip a delivery or cancel at anytime. You can create an account and set up your recurring subscription here: https://giganticcandy.com/account/register
How can I cancel, pause, or change my subscription? + -
Thanks for being a Gigantic subscriber! You are such a supercool person. You can modify or cancel your subscription anytime via your account login here: https://giganticcandy.com/account/login
Do you offer samples? + -
At this time we aren't shipping single bars, but we created our Variety Pack so you can sample every Gigantic flavor!

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