Banana Pecan
Banana Pecan
Hazelnut Cafe
A latte flavor, a little sweetness. With only 7 grams of sugar, this grown-up candy bar will remind you of crisp autumn days, crackling leaves, and perfectly steamed hazelnut lattes.
$27.99 | 8 pack
$23.79 | 8 pack
gigantic bar

Heavy on the
good stuff,
easy on the sweet stuff

Only 7g of Sugar

Our bars contain 69% less sugar than traditional candy bars* without relying on alternative sweeteners.

* Versus the leading brand on
an equivalent weight basis.

Real Ingredients

Made with good stuff like Madagascar vanilla, almond butter and coconut milk. Always natural, never artificial.

Fairtrade Chocolate

Responsibly sourced from organic, sustainable growers, our fairtrade dark chocolate has absolutely no dark secrets.


With entirely plant-based, vegan recipes, these bars are practically* salads.

* Not actually salads. More fun
and more delicious than salads.

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Banana Pecan
Banana Pecan